Taking out a mortgage is one of the biggest decisions a Kiwi family will make. Selecting the right mortgage is more than a monthly payment, it can be the key to financial freedom. adviceHQ provides you the best independent financial advice to help you into your home.

Refix, Refinance, Restructure

The days of set and forget mortgages are long gone. In the past you needed a good relationship with the bank manager to refix or refinance a mortgage on favourable terms. adviceHQ can take care of this for you with the added benefit of being able to compare different banks. The right strategy and structure can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage.

Refix: adviceHQ can save you time and money by obtaining preferential rates and incentives (cash).  Why do all the hard work of shopping around when we can do it for you?

Refinance: adviceHQ represents most lenders so if your current lender isn’t playing ball, give us a call.  We have access to the big banks, regional and local banks, second tier lenders and asset lenders.  We are here for you even when your current lender isn’t.

Restructure:  adviceHQ is experienced at more than just mortgages, we are experienced at life.  When your life changes sometimes your mortgage may need to change with it.

First Home Buyers & KiwiBuild

Buying your first home can be intimidating that’s why adviceHQ is here to walk you through the process from start to finish. From securing your first home loan to creating a long-term financial plan, we are here to walk you through your journey. Some of our specialties include:

  • KiwiSaver Withdrawal
  • KiwiSaver HomeStart
  • KiwiBuild
  • Welcome Home Loan

Next Home Buyers

Homeowners looking to relocate, upgrade or downsize can face unique lending challenges. Trying to find the best lending solution while in transition is not easy, why not let adviceHQ do it for you? We look after your lending so you can focus on finding the right home for you and your family.

Property Investors

Investing in property is a great option for individuals and families looking for financial freedom.  You may be purchasing your first investment property or building on your property portfolio. When you deal with adviceHQ you not only get a Registered Mortgage Adviser with over 15 years’ financial services experience, you also get a Chartered Accountant.

New Home Builders & Construction

Building is a great option for New Zealand families looking for their dream home. There’s nothing like a shiny new home that comes with a 10 year guarantee!  Lending for new home builds come with an extra layer of complexity and more work than standard mortgages. Don’t let this stop you from building your dream home. adviceHQ can help you sort through the details and secure lending for your new family home.


It’s not often you buy a home and it’s perfect. Maybe you want to redo the kitchen or maybe you have been surprised with a leak in the roof. These things need funding and often they can’t wait. From small loans for a splash of paint to substantial loans for big projects, adviceHQ can find you the right lending to make it happen.

Equity Release

Most Kiwis who have held a property for more than a decade would have built up a fair bit of equity in their homes.  Those funds don’t need to sit idle. That equity could be used to fund an investment property or a new business.  adviceHQ can work with your lender and others to help you build your future.

Retirement Planning & Reverse Mortgages

You’ve worked hard, own your home, and are ready to retire. You deserve to enjoy retirement with out having to penny pinch to get by. For many Kiwis savings and superannuation alone are not quite enough for a comfortable retirement. A reverse mortgage can make a world of difference. While you may not have enough savings you may have enough equity in your home to fund your later years, at least until you are ready to downsize.  adviceHQ can help with specialty lenders that convert home equity into retirement plans.

Mortgage Help

adviceHQ is here for you in both good times and bad times. We have finance solutions that can help you through tough times such as being made redundant, falling ill and being unable to work, getting a divorce, or losing a loved one. Some options include a loan repayment holiday, a new loan structure or a new lender.  adviceHQ has access to a wide variety options to explore. We can work with your current lender or find you a new one to help you get past your financial obstacles.